(1) Our standards must exceed our customer's expectations

We work for you. If we’re not up to the challenge you are presenting us, we should get out of the way. You are the customer and you have the right to expect the very best. Our job is to deliver it.

(2) Listen and ask why.

We’ve seen many great ideas over the years, and many flawed plans. When we meet with you, we will listen to what you have to say and probe for what you really want. Then, we will work with you to come up with the best ways to achieve it.

(3) Retain the right to disagree.

Most contractors won’t question a client’s thinking, but that’s what you pay us to do. We will break projects down into their elements and look at them in new ways. The honesty of our approach may not always win us the job, but it will help you achieve a better result.

(4) Get excited by potential for success.

We’re an excitable bunch. We love our work. And we get involved in your ideas and their success pretty quickly. The fact that we’re invested at that level inspires us to apply our considerable ingenuity to your success.

(5) Keep you out of trouble.

We’ve learned a lot about construction pitfalls during our history. That’s why we implore you to call us before you commit to an investment. Let us help you to evaluate your options and do feasibility studies to save you money -- and a few sleepless nights.

(6) No ballpark figures.

We won’t just “give you a number.” Such swags are meaningless and misleading. If you are serious about your project, invest time with us, allow us to ask questions, let us look at your building. Then we will give you an estimate and timeframe that you can hang your hat on. And we stick to it. Just ask our clients.

(7) Won't focus on being the lowest bid.

We don’t compete with “some guy with a pickup truck” who says he can do it for peanuts. In our business, you get what you pay for. Discriminating clients know that we are the best value out there, priced fairly for a comprehensive scope of work. If “cheap” is what you’re after, call the other guy.

(8) No excuses. No extras.

Our hand-picked teams understand the scope of the work and its timeframe. Muha site supervisors are the best in the business. We never let subcontractors run the job. Job changes or additions will only be made by you. We finish on time and on budget.

(9) Never hire B players.

Our reputation is such that we attract and can retain the best tradespeople in the region. They apply to work with us, knowing they’ll have a great experience and the opportunity to do their best work. That’s a testament to the quality of work you’ll receive from us.

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