It was inevitable that Dave would start his own company.

As builders and owners of a small-town lumber yard in northern Michigan, Dave Muha’s father and grandfather knew they had a child prodigy on their hands. “My nose was in everything,” says Dave. “I was always at the lumber yard, always on the job sites, unloading lumber from boxcars and delivering it from the truck. The drivers even let me drive. I knew from a very young age that building stuff is what I would spend my life doing.”

A guy who learns quickly and has a passion for designing and building things would naturally strike out on his own, to make his mark in the world. The recession of the 1980s brought him to Dayton, where he apprenticed for three years, learning how to run a commercial construction business.

“They had to fire me,” says Dave. “I was already running all the jobs and there was no room left for me to go. But I always wanted to do more and more.”

So, in 1984 he hung out his own shingle and Muha Construction was formed. It wasn’t long before he earned a reputation as the guy who can make it happen. He and his hand-picked teams make the undoable doable.

Still based in Dayton, Muha Construction serves southern and central Ohio and northern Kentucky, as a full-service general contractor serving commercial, retail, industrial, and residential markets. Like the little boy back in Michigan, Dave still has his nose in everything—to the benefit of our clients.